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Specific legal services and their scope depends on the Client's wishes making it possible for Clients to enter into contracts with S. Katauskas, Katauskaitės and Partners both for one-off specific legal services and for permanent legal assistance. If the Client wishes, the Law Firm may offer legal services provided by the Law Firm on its own or lawyers abroad as well as consultations of a different nature provided together with accounting, tax, medical, construction specialists or professionals of other areas.

Law firm S. Katauskas, Katauskaitės and Partners provides the following services:

* Company law: drafting, amending incorporation documents of companies. Drawing up of reorganisation, restructuring, liquidation documents of companies. Drawing up of share purchase and sale, share subscription agreements of companies, representation of interests of shareholders. Consultations on daily work issues of companies – drafting of commercial contracts, such as distribution, commercial representation, supply contracts, contracts for works, etc., taking part in negotiations of contract terms and conditions, contract performance supervision.

* Protection of creditors' rights, representing interests of companies in bankruptcy, restructuring cases, disputes with creditors. Representation of creditors' interests in meetings of creditors, supervision of the sale of assets of companies under bankruptcy/liquidation and oversight of settlement with creditors.

* Preparation of real estate purchase and sale, lease and other transactions, representation in negotiations, supervision of transaction performance, protection of owners' rights in state authorities and at court. Legal assistance dealing with disputes between co-owners: division of common property, determining the procedure for use of common property.

* Consultations on the issues of protection of intellectual and industrial property in the Republic of Lithuania, drafting of trademark, copyright, work ordering contracts, licence contracts, representation of the parties in negotiations, oversight of contract performance. Representation in disputes regarding the protection of intellectual and industrial property objects at courts of the Republic of Lithuania.

* Consultations on labour law issues. Drafting of standard employment contracts, confidentiality, non-competition agreements, agreements on the reimbursement of tuition fees and similar agreements with employees; representation of the interests of the employer and the employee at courts of the Republic of Lithuania.

* Consultations on the issues of divorce, division of assets acquired during marriage, recovery or reduction of maintenance for minor children, drafting of divorce documents; Consultations and representation at court in divorce proceedings, proceedings to determine the place of residence of children, establishment and challenge of parenthood. Adoption.

* Consultations on the issues of succession, extension of time-limits to accept inheritance, record of the fact of inheritance acceptance, acceptance of inheritance and liability for benefactor's debts, ascertainment of succession rights, award of a part of inheritance, challenging of wills, representation of heirs at court and other sate and public institutions.
* Consultations and representation at courts in proceedings for property and non-property damage: compensation for damage caused in traffic accidents, compensation for damage resulting from accidents at work, compensation for damage caused to the health of patients.

* Representation in civil, administrative and criminal proceedings at courts of all instances, supervision over the enforcement of court decisions, representation during recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards in Lithuania.